The List of Best Flavored Condoms

Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew that the two strongest bodily pleasures—sex and food—are a match made in heaven. Adding some extra flavor to your sexual adventures is a fantastic way to turn up your senses to heaven, and you don’t even need to keep your fridge stocked with creamy desserts and whipped cream.

bacon condoms

Flavored condoms mimic the taste of everything from a variety of fruits to chocolate and other sweet delights to popular beverages like cola and even to instant turn-outs such as the smell of whiskey, bacon, or marihuana. Most regular stores don’t have a great selection of flavored condoms, but just about any reputable specialized condom shop should have something your taste buds will enjoy.

How to Use Flavored Condoms

You know those scratch and sniff stickers that have been treated with a fragrant coating which releases an odor when heated by friction? Well, flavored condoms work in the same way. To really get the flavor to come out, the condom should be well above room temperature. We’ll leave it up to you to come up with ways how to apply some friction or extra heat.

But even when heated properly, the flavor is sometimes nowhere to be found, except for the very tip of the condom. This happens because the condom itself doesn’t actually have any flavor—the lube does. And because the lube is a viscous substance, it can move from one part of the condom to another, usually the tip. To evenly distribute the lube across the entire surface of the condom, some hand action, mouth action, feet action, or whatever-floats-your-boat action will be necessary.

Finally, only use sugar-free condoms for vaginal intercourse. We’ve saved this tip for last because it’s the most important one. Flavored condoms with sugar could cause yeast infections, and that’s something nobody wants to happen.

Best Flavored Condoms

With so many flavored condoms on the market, how do you know which have a yummy taste and which you should avoid? Luckily, you’re not the first person to ask this question. We’ve gathered information from multiple tests of flavored condoms, and here are the results:


Chocolate: Out of eight different condom flavors tested by the Huffington Post, chocolate was considered to be, by far, the best tasting. For many people, chocolate is the ultimate embodiment of all things sweet, so condom manufacturers have a good incentive to come up with chocolate-flavored condoms that taste just like the real thing.

taste strawberry

Strawberry: A blog on the Houston Press newspaper site also tested chocolate, along with several other flavors, but their results were surprisingly different. While chocolate didn’t make a very good impression, strawberry has seduced everyone with its “surprisingly tart and fruity flavor reminiscent of those old-school hard candies in the wrappers that look like strawberries.”


Cola: The one flavor that unfortunately failed to impress even a single person was cola. The testers have said that it tasted like licorice and definitely not cola. Puzzlingly, the cola-flavored condom was the only one that was typical latex condom color. We’re not too surprised to hear that the condoms tasted bad. After all, we inseparably associate the flavor of cola with fizzy bubbles.


Grape: Another flavor that failed to live up to expectations was grape. This time the taste test was performed by Dannis Ree, also known as The Pizzle. “Don’t get me wrong, I love a can of grape soda once every five years, but this isn’t anywhere near the same thing,” said Dannis in his blog post. Apparently, grape-flavored condoms taste like cough syrup—not our idea of sexy.

Mint: Mint-flavored condoms were tested by BuzzFeed staff, who agreed that mint is the best tasting condom flavor. Not only does it takes like real mint, but the flavor is plentiful and pleasantly refreshing.

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