The Best Latex Condom Alternatives

Considering the issues of sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy, protection is everything when it comes to sex. Just as you should be careful in making sure that your partner is the right one for you, the same care must be taken when thinking about which kind of contraception is the best for you. Condoms provide an excellent choice if prevention and protection is what you are looking for.

Most condoms available on the market are made of latex rubber but in fact condoms are also accessible in non-latex materials. Technological advancement has paved the way for condoms that give users what they require. While it’s true that latex condoms are durable and reliable, condoms produced from non-latex materials are an excellent alternative for those people who are allergic to latex or don’t like the rubber smell of it and seeking for an alternative.

Polyurethane condom

Condoms made from polyurethane are thinner when compared to latex ones. Since they are slim, they have higher sensitivity and are more preferred by users who want a condom that provides them a more natural sensitivity. However, they are less elastic and needs more lubrication in reducing friction for more flexibility. The good thing is that any type of lubricant whether water-based or oil-based can be used with polyurethane condoms, unlike latex condoms which should be only used with water-based lubricants because oil will weaken the latex and cause damages.

Regarding price, you are sure to get your monies worth. When you think of durability, this condom guarantees protection as long as the recommendations on how to use are followed. They have longer shelf-life and are less sensitive to UV-light or temperature. Polyurethane condoms serve as an effective contraceptive and protection from STI’s. These condoms offer a more pleasurable and intimate sexual experience compared to latex condoms.

In certain pre-marketing studies, it was discovered that consumers preferred polyurethane condoms over latex condoms in terms of appearance, comfort, sensitivity, lack of rubber smell, natural look, and natural feel.

Polyisoprene condom

Polyisoprene is another great alternative to natural latex condom, it is created from a synthetic form of latex, and contains no proteins that cause an allergic reaction. What’s great about this material is that it is thin and yet more flexible compared with polyurethane condoms. Currently, there are only Durex Avanti Bare and Lifestyles SKYN condoms on the market which are using this material if you want to give it a try and the price is also very reasonable.

Individuals that have used Polyisoprene condoms agree to the fact that it is very stretchy, fits well, soft and more comfortable to work with and giving you and your partner a more pleasurable sexual experience and most importantly they are clinically tested to prevent pregnancy and STI’s.

Natural skin condom

Natural skin condoms are made from the cecum or intestines of lambs. Lamb are said to be the only household animals with ceca which can be of the right size and shape perfect for a condom.

Lambskin condoms, which are also known as sheepskin condoms are very thin and it gives the best natural feeling and sensation among all types of condoms, yet it is effective against unwanted pregnancy. The only drawback is that lambskin condom DO NOT protect you from STDs, because there are tiny pores on the skin which may allow the viruses to pass through although they are small enough to block the sperms.

Therefore, it is only suitable to use it with long term relationship partner or a trusted partner that you know is free of any transmissible diseases.

Female condom

Female condoms are now made of nitrile sheath which is a synthetic rubber that can be inserted into the vagina before commencement intercourse. This condom is lubricated, but you can utilize additional water-based lubrication which can help increase comfort and reduce noise.

As an adaptation to the previously used polyurethane material for women, the nitrile condoms offers excellent prevention of pregnancy and STI’s. This condom is also a good option for people with erectile challenges, allergic reactions or chemical sensitivity. For more pleasurable experience, the nitrile condoms for women gives a natural experience, enhances heat transmission and provides better stimulation.

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